Toyota Sequoia 2015 revisited

You might know Japanese car manufacturer has Toyota sequoia redesign this year. The design seems no experiencing some changes from the same line last year. The most visible change of new 2015 car is the color appearance. Both inside and outside have significant color change. The sequoia 2104 emphasizes on dark color. It can be seen at the cabin and dashboard which full of black and grey. It used grey leather material to cover the two front seats and other rear seats.

Meanwhile, the 2015 Toyota sequoia redesign has brighter color than last year edition. The interior looks brighter with combination black and cream. They still use black as main color of dashboard. The change is happen to the seats. The Toyota Sequoia redesign 2015 seats are lacquered by the cream leather materials. Cream color also decorated whole cabin room on the door and roof. Moreover, the color change is also occurred on exterior side. This SUV has brighter body paint with the color of white and silver dominant. Meanwhile, last year the body paint was mostly dark.

Toyota Sequoia Redesign on its Engine

Down into under the hood, this 2015 SUV has no significant change. Even the engine installed in 2014 edition is same with today Toyota sequoia redesign. This family SUV is installed with powerful 5.7L V8 engine. That engine can explode 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of maximum torque. That powerful engine seems equivalent with the heavy load it can sustain. Moreover, this car uses 6-speed auto transmission including low first gear position to get heavy load moving. It is also added with two overdrive gears that help the fuel economy when you drive in highway.

Toyota Sequoia Redesign and Price

That gears can reduce the noise too. Maybe the next generation of this Toyota SUV will come again in Toyota sequoia redesign 2016. Before continue to further info about it, you must know the price of this 2015 edition. You know the price of this SUV in 2014 was $43,500 for the standard and $52,500 for mid-level Limited. Meanwhile for this year. Toyota sequoia redesign has more expensive price for $45,000 and $54,000 for Limited.

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