The credit card grace period

Every self-subscribing bank issues credit cards to its customers. Their main feature is the interest-free or love period of the institution’s use of money or the love period. The grace period is the period during which the borrowed money from the bank can be returned without interest. The main prerequisite is that this should be […]

Direct Consumer Credit: what it is and how it works?

You may have heard of Direct Consumer Credit. But, despite the name, it’s not always clear what this type of credit is about, is it? Still, Direct Consumer Credit is extremely popular, being used by a large part of the population, even though many do not even understand how this category of loan works. Therefore, […]

The currency risk when borrowing and investing abroad

Foreign currency loans, i.e. loans taken out in a foreign currency, continue to enjoy unbroken popularity in Germany. This also applies to foreign investments, for quite similar reasons. The focus here is on positive financial aspects, which result in particular from the correlation of the currencies involved. For example, a certain exchange rate ratio between […]

Can you make money on private loans?

Loans offered by loan companies are becoming more and more popular. Taking a private loan is an effective, quick way to obtain additional funds, usually for any purpose. Many people experience different situations that require you to quickly invest some larger funds. For example – a refrigerator or computer breaks down, which is a work […]

How to choose a line of credit?

Credit has shown historical growth rates in our country in recent years. It is one of the pillars of the current capitalist economic development model, where its expansion allows people to consume more products and services, generating an increase in production in companies and a consequent increase in the level of employment and income… and […]

Is it worth borrowing money for the holidays?

June is a month loved by many adults and children. Every year, this month is associated with the end of school and the beginning of vacation. It is the perfect time to go on a dream vacation, because everyone needs a rest, whether from studying, school or everyday difficult work. Many people need good financial […]